AWS Interview questions
Camille Chang
  1. EBS vs instance store(instance local store)
  • EBS
    • EBS volumes are persistent, EBS is suitable for databases, file systems, and storing any critical data that needs to be quickly accessible and requires durability.
    • Offers consistent and predictable performance.
    • the lifetime of a EBS volume is independent of the lifetime of an EC2 instance to which it may be attached.
  • Instance store
    • Volumes are ephemeral. Data on an instance store volume is lost if the instance is stopped, terminated, or if it fails.
    • Provides higher throughput and lower latency compared to EBS
    • Best suited for temporary storage of information that changes frequently, such as buffers, caches
    • Cost: there is no additional cost for using instance store volumes as they are included in the price of the instance itself.
    • Only available for certain EC2 instance types and sizes.